90 N Main St Holt, MO 64048
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Who We Are

Bringing farm-to-table to your glass

Walnut Creek is a local winery dedicated to crafting premium vinifera and hybrid wines. In a true farm-to-table fashion, our vines are family-and-friend grown on small farms throughout Missouri and Colorado. Every bottle of wine will be a culinary adventure brought to you by your local community. Welcome to Walnut Creek!

Walnut Creek Winery
Drink Menu
White Wines

$7 Glass | $27 Bottle
Sauvignon Blanc

$8 Glass | $34 Bottle
Pinot Grigio

$7 Glass | $27 Bottle

$8 Glass | $32 Bottle

$7 Glass | $27 Bottle
Prosecco Style Sparkling

$10 Glass | $45 Bottle |
Sweet White

$6 Glass | $23 Bottle
Red Wines
Sweet Red

$5 Glass | $20 Bottle

$11 Glass | $44 Bottle
Cabernet Sauvignon

$10 Glass | $41 Bottle

$12 Glass | $47 Bottle

$8 Glass | $34 Bottle
Pinot Noir

$12 Glass | $47 Bottle
Drink Menu
Tasting Flight
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Drink Menu
Wine Club
Would you like to join our Wine Club? Ask for a Wine Club sign-up form or go online to walnutcreekwine.com/wine-club.
Special events, weddings or parties can rent the pavilion or book the entire facility on a Wednesday. Call 816.776.8847 or email Contact@walnutcreekwine.com for details.

The Wines

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Wine Club

Bring farm-fresh home, join the family

Love wine? Us too. Join our exclusive wine club and earn discounts + rewards, plus, be the first to know when we release new wines, host special events, and more. Cheers!


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Walnut Creek Winery Events

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December 15, 2022
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December 9, 2022
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December 4, 2022
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December 3, 2022
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December 2, 2022
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December 10, 2022
Culinary Experiences

Top Rated Local Charcuterie

Crafted thoughtfully with your wine-tasting in mind, delight your palate with our mouth-watering charcuterie boards.

Culinary Experiences

Woodfired Pizza

Ready for something more? Try our handmade woodfired pizza, made fresh & served hot.

Get in Touch

Contact Us

We offer a great variety for every price point and any occasion, from rich chardonnay to creamy brut. Contact us today to learn more!

Address: 90 N Main st Holt Mo 64048
Phone: (816) 776-8847
E-mail: contact@walnutcreekwine.com